MoM’s Club

Children, Nature and You!

You can help children experience the joy of sunshine and rain, of stargazing and bugs, of trail building and wildflowers, of ocelots and whistling ducks, of fresh fruit and vegetables, of the wonder of Nature.


Moms play a powerful role in their children’s health and development.
Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute offers the opportunity for Moms to assist us provide their child(ren) quality time outdoors in natural settings with our staff/volunteers knowledgeable guidance and with their gentle supervision. If given the space and freedom, children will find worthwhile things to do in a natural setting. To that end, we make sure to have ample activities where staff provides guidance and scaffolding to their exploration, but let kids find their own interest and passion. We believe this unstructured –though safe and supported – outdoor time is essential to children’s development, and that these kinds of experiences build a foundation for self-direction, intrinsic motivation, good health, a life-long love of learning and respect for our natural world and future leaders.
Become a member of our MoMs Club
  • Volunteer an hour a week to help staff make memories with your child. (hiking,  exploring, kayaking, trail building, planting and harvesting in the garden, cooking and much more)
  • Help us find materials for the various projects. (building materials, cooking utensils, camping gear, art project supplies, nature books, nature guides, musical instruments like drums, canoes, and kayaks)
  • Help plan and implement events. (kite flying days, campouts, campfires and drum circles, bike rides, concerts, potlucks, Healthy Kids Cook-Off , kids marathons, etc.)

  • Raise funds (to send kids to nature summits, overnight camping trips, and events.)
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