Who We Are

What is The Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute and what are we all about?

RBWI at a Glance. The Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute, by anyone’s standard is a small effective conservation organization.   Our effectiveness can be traced to our passion for micking natural patterns, not dong anything conventionally and valuing innovative thinking!
Our Supporters. Charitable contributions from corporations and foundations provides support for our educational programs.Their generous contributions allow us to help children and communities make healthy life-long lifestyle changes.

The Team. Every person associated with our organization plays a key role, whether staff, board, advisor, consultant, or volunteer. The unique experience and personalities that make up our organization form our most significant characteristic.  Together we form a team that thinks outside the box and gets a little help from t a few dogs, cats,  and birds!

Our Friends and Partners. RBWI is an organization based upon collaborative relationships. Partnerships with local community groups, businesses and the city improve and expand RBWI initiatives.
The Learning Center & Outdoor Learning Laboratories
RBWI’s unique outdoor learning laboratories are designed to provide exceptional learning experiences, and to inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship.
RBWI can make a difference in the lives of thousands ~Get Involved

Here’s how you can join our team –love the outdoors -share it with children; enjoy walking on the trails-help maintain and build new ones; have a green thumb -spend time in the gardens; love to cook -join the kids in the kitchen, restoring water ways, wildlife habitat your thing -we do that too!…
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