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KAYAKING ~The Pursuit Happiness

A kayak is a slender craft that you can take to places amazing to behold.  But the water journey is only part of the appeal: paddling a kayak is incredibly fun!

Paddle in the Park: on-water classroom
kayaking for ages 9-14

Kayaking is a fantastic way for kids to get outdoors, get some exercise and learn about our unique environment  Paddle in the Park youth program is specifically designed for Brownsville kids.  We aim to develop kayaking skills, confidence on the water and knowledge of the marine environment.  The skills and safety practices learned apply not only to kayaking but also to other paddle activities.  Most importantly we aim for kids to have fun!  We are scheduling classes for Spring and Summer.

What We Learn

Paddlers will develop the skills to kayak safely in Brownsville water (resacas, river and Laguna Madre).  On-water practice will include learning kayak handling techniques, safety techniques, nautical rules and communication, paddling practice, and how to plan and prepare for a kayak day trip.

Adventure Locations

We will take short one-two hour trips on Brownsville resacas.  We are fortunate that many of our Parks have resaca shoreline and we can paddle from one park to the next.  We can also paddle along sections of the Rio Grande River, the South Texas Back Bay Water trail, and the Laguna Madre.  These are day trips.  We will complete several morning trips and at least one day trip each scheduled session.


We are tentatively scheduling sessions for May and July. For information call Jose Perez at 956.266.2859

WaterCats is supported through a grant from Outdoor Nation.