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Urban Waters Action Program
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Protecting and Restoring Living Waters
We All Live in a Watershed and We All Need Water to Survive!

The health of our rivers, streams, resacas and the Gulf of Mexico depend on the conditions of surrounding lands.  It’s likely the waters in our communities pose increasing health risks -for children who play in them, for drinking water supplies, for swimming and boating, and for the aquatic life that depends upon clean water.
The Urban Waters Action Program inspires our youth to learn about their watershed and to take action in their communities to protect and restore local water resources: local rivers, ponds, lakes, streams, creeks wetlands and coastal waters.

The Urban Waters Action program is currently supported by grants and donations. With your help we can extend our reach and provide programs to more communities.  We are a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible.


H2O Kids 

Environmental education through action is the focus of H2O Kids.  The program consists of two-hour interactive workshops, field trips and environmental action projects that engage children in their local watershed.

Water Cats Water Cats provides unique educational and recreational opportunities that promote ecological stewardship and water recreation experiences.  Water Cats give kids of all ages the opportunity to gain on-water experience and paddling skills.  Water  Cats couples the water experience with lessons related to stewardsip.  Students participating in this program design and implement a water stewardship project.  

Rescuing Resacas is supported through a grant from Outdoor Nation

Rescuing a Watershed -Creating a Natural Wetlands Habitat
This program works in the field to increase knowledge, ownership and stewardship of these vital ecosystems.  Participants learn about wet ecosystems -wet meadows, riparian zones, etc. and water quality through hands-on activities and projects.  Projects often include trails, viewing platforms, restoration of shorelines and river/stream/creek banks, revegetation of native plants.
Supported through grants from Patagonia, Constellation Energy and Learning Service Texas.

Four Rs in Action: reduce, reuse, recycle and rot
This exciting program provides hands-on activities focused on waste reduction and environmental action projects that reduce the waste stream.
Four Rs is supported by Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department.

Nature Workshops
Our workshops engage kids in hands-on learning on a variety of topics related to water conservation and wetland preservation.  They are offered to:
• after school and home schooled students
• private and public schools
• scout troops, youth groups, and other non-formal education groups
Our engaging activities help young naturalists learn grade level state standards while having fun!
Harvesting Rainwater  

Practically everything around your house that requires water loves the natural goodness that’s provided with soft rainwater.  When you know how to make a rain barrel, you can begin harvesting rainwater to irrigate your garden or lawn, or water your houseplants,or top off your swimming pool or hot tub.  Join one of our workshops and learn to make and install a rainwater harvesting systemCheck the calendar for next workshop.
Harvesting Rainwater is supported by generous PUB donation

The Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit, established in 2009 as a Massachusetts state non-profit corporation to inspire positive environmental awareness and action.