The Eco Bus

The Eco Bus
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So Why a Bus?
Well it’s mobile and it’s fun! The Eco-bus is a powerful vehicle for change.  It shares our message on the road, and it can camp out and share our programs in communities.
The bus can run on both diesel and bio fuel (waste vegetable oil). Waste vegetable oil is our fuel of choice and it just so happens that fryer grease is chemically similar to diesel fuel.  So if waste veggie oil from restaurants is being carted off to be recycled somewhere far away, why not use it as a local source of fuel?  It burns cleaner than diesel and it’s zero waste.
The outside of our bus is a community art project.  The bus was sprayed blue to start and hand prints from kids graced the outside.  As the hand prints began to fade a local artist saw the bus as a canvas to create a mural that illustrate ecological biodiversity and our programs -G2, urban waters and learning sustainability.  Aya, our ocelot spokes-cat graces the back of the bus.
Our bus was originally used by the New Orleans school district to take children to and from their school, so it was kept in tip-top condition. The only major work we put in was on the interior.  Yep -we took out all the school bus seats, put in a couch, counter-tops sink and bunks and for year 2010 we had the bio-fuel apparatus on board, so we could make fuel anywhere the bus was. The bus has traveled to many places since it’s maiden voyage from New Orleans.  It has been to the Rockies in Colorado, across New Mexico, Arizona and California and to six major population areas in Texas.  The Eco-Bus is RBWI’s best ambassador!
The bus is currently under-going an interior redesign so we can add the kayaks and bikes when needed.  Check out the video by clicking on the bottom of the home page. The bus will tell his own story! I’m sure you will enjoy it.  Below are just a few of the programs the bus delivers to communties.


The Garden Cafe
Earth Ambassadors traveling with the bus work with community members to help create community gardens, build plastic bottle greenhouses, begin Cooking Clubs and give cooking demonstrations.

Wetlands on Wheels 

Earth Ambassadors introduce our Urban Waters programs - H2O kids, Watercats and Rescuing Resacas (streams and creeks) to communities. See Urban Waters for details.

Zero Waste
Our Learning Sustainability program shares the message how individuals can make an impact by recycling, reducing consumption, being consumer efficient, promoting clean and renewable energy, building green, making wise choices about food, and providing viable habitat for wildlife. The eco-bus is an example of sustainability practices.

The Eco-bus is currently supported by grants and donations. With your help we can extend our reach and provide programs to more communities.  We are a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible
The Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit, established in 2009 as a Massachusetts state non-profit corporation to inspire positive environmental awareness and action.