Trail Warriors

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The Program
Trail Warriors is part of the larger G2 Initiative.  Working together with partners throughout the comunity our mission is to increase the physical activity of children and their families -to get kids outdoors exploring nature found in our own community parks and refuges.
Trail Warriors is designed to connect kids and nature in an unique way.  The program provides an opportunity for student to take the lead -from start to finish students design the trail.
Why a trail program?
There is a mountain of evidence Americans of all ages waistlines are increasing and our resoures to deal with the health issues that result are dwindling.  What may be missing in our health, the health of our economy and the health of nature is a connection to the places we play and how we play.   The high rates of obese children in the country and the fact that 25% get no physical activity in their leisure time at all, spending about 7.5 hours a day interacting with media is a prime reason to get our youth outside. The most common vegetable they consume are French Fries!  Clearly, it appears nutritional and recreational choices are having a detrimental and devastating impact on our youth and their families.
Creativity and Change
Trail Warriors supports and enables a life change, not an exercise program.  The program focuses on existing resources to increase engagement and activity in the community.  The existing resource are local parks.  We hope to make kids, families and the community more aware of the opportuities available for outdoor recreation, and offer a fun way to bond with nature, experience transformational learning and explore our local natural and cultural resources.
The overall approach of the Trail Warrior program is to provide a program for students to use their creativity to design, build and maintain community trails.  If you, your friends, your school, scout troop, church group, would like to participate in this program please inquire at
Dora the Explorer meets Geo-Caching
As trails are built, the next opportunity for the trail designers and builders is to create an adventure for their trail. Trail users can embark on their own self-guided discovery along each trail.  The adventure is picked up in brochure form at the trailhead.  Signs along the way will point out facts of interest.  Each trail could have multiple thematic adventures that a visitor can experience such as these topic areas: plants, animals and birds, and culture.


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