The Natural Gym

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The Natural Gym
Want to improve your health and well-being but not too keen on running machines or lycra?  Then take a look at our alternative.  You can help the environment and your community, as well as yourself!
We all know we should try to be healthier and fitter and we are increasingly aware of the importance of our natural resources and environment.
Rio Bravo’s Natural Gym program inspires you to improve your health and the environment at the same time.
You can start a program in your own community. First, just round up a few friends, neighbors, co-workers together.  Second find a local conservation group that is working on a project in your community and join in!  If there is no group call up the local park department as they usually have trail maintenance projects that need attention!
If there are no projects around, then engage in a TEN TOE EXPRESS program -walking around the park, or on a trail!  Get those ten toes moving!

A Natural Gym Session

A few warm up exercises to reduce the risk of injuries begins a natural gym session.

There are always several projects to try out.  Everyone works at their own pace and can stop and start when ever they want.  It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and the great thing is you are not staring at four walls in a gym -you get out in the open air, and you will learn about environmental conservation and ways to improve your local surroundings.

A TEA BREAK is important.

The Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit, established in 2009 as a Massachusetts state non-profit corporation to inspire positive environmental awareness and action.