What Does Sustainable Mean?

Living Green in Today’s World

Sustainable is working in such a way that a community doesn’t use all its rsources. It’s taking care of natural, cultural, historic and human assests to ensure that they’ll be around for future generations.

Our Approach

Partner Driven

Rio Bravo Widlife Institute builds relationships and works with the community, schools and organizations to build on assets, address deficits and strengthen communities.  Such a  learning network can mentor and model for one another to foster sustainable collaborations that net meaningful results.

Building Skills and Engaging Communities

Rio Bravo helps partners access resources and learn techniques to advance nontraditional, asset-based approaches to age-old problems such as environmental degradation, fresh and nutritous food, and physical, emotional and spiritual health. We provide direct technical assistance and help local community leaders build capacity to implement “triple bottom line” efforts that promote sustainable economic development, social justice and environmental stewardship for the long term.

Growing Access and Understanding

One of the most unique aspects of Rio Bravo is the drive to help entire communities. Rio Bravo develops resources and programs that focus on sustainable practices and shares them free of charge with local schools and other NGO’s. Operating a not-for-profit organization is not about satisfying or inflating our own name and it is not about our own gain in any sense, other than the satisfaction of helping others to foster sustainable collaborations that net meaningful results.