Growing Green

Growing Green

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Planting seeds today ~Growing healthier communities tomorrow

Help us inspire the next generation

The Challenge We Address: for the first time in our nation’s history, the next generation may have a shorter life span than their parents due to poor nutrition.  With a rising obesity and diabetic epidemic,  along with skyrocketing health care costs, the need to educate children and their families about nutrition and high quality foods is more important than ever.
Our efforts create a collaborative environment that inspire our children and communities to reconnect with healthy food and make lifelong lifestyle changes.
Program Components:  Growing Green is rooted in the local community and environment.
  • Learning Gardens: Learning Garden is an outdoor learning program that provides hands-on and place-based education in sustainable gardening, resource conservation, and community service.  The Learning Garden is essentially a “Living Laboratory.” Bel
    • Growing an Edible Garden
    • Creating a Native Plant Garden (habitat restoration)

Your Help Makes It Possible: We are currently supported by grants, donations, and sponsored community events.  With your help we can extend our reach and provide our programs to more communities.  We are a registered 501c3non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible.

The Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit, established in 2009 as a Massachusetts state non-profit corporation to inspire positive environmental awareness and action. The organization is based in Brownsville, Texas.